"You Soil it, We spoil it"

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Who We Are

We at Extreme Clean Mobile Detailing & More are a family owned and operated, high quality, detail oriented, Mobile Detailing and Window Tinting business. Servicing the central Arkansas and surrounding areas.  Our professional team will come to your home or business and clean your car, truck, boat or RV!!  Extreme Clean Mobile Detailing’s offers services for everyone, including services as basic as just an Outside Wash Only to a Top of the Line Full Service Detail.  We always use high quality professional detailing chemicals, that you can not buy in stores. 

Professionally Trained in Top of the line Detailing, Computer Precision Cut Window Tinting and Graphics!

Importance of Interior Detailing

Leather Protection
  • Protect your expensive leather interior from harsh UV rays and normal driving wear
  • Drying, cracking and fading are common problems associated with improper maintenance
  • We recommend leather conditioning treatment every 30 days to keep leather soft and supple
Carpet & Fabric Extracting
  • Our 210 degree high powered extracting equipment deep cleans dirt, grime, debris, & spots on carpet & fabric
  • Kills germs & bacteria
  • Also helps to eliminate bad odors

Extreme Clean Auto Detail Services

  • Exterior, Interior & Engine Detailing 
  • Oxidation Removal 
  • Scratch & Swirl Remover 
  • Paint Sealant
  • Odor Removal 
  • Computer Cut Tint/Graphics 
  • Headlight Restoration 
  • Pressure Washing
  • And More!

Importance of Exterior Detailing

Paint Surface Contamination

Red Iron oxide speckles, more visible on white vehicles, come mainly from the constant bombardment of metal brake dust that is in the air. Professional clay treatment can eliminate this as well as other contamination such as tree sap, bug spatter, and bird droppings which can cause permanent damage to a vehicle's paint if left unchecked.

Paint Scratch Removal 

Extreme Clean Auto Detailing can remove many surface scratches, swirl marks and scuffs through the use of advanced polishing techniques. Scratches tend to dull a vehicles paint surface, which opens it to many conditions that can create further damage.

Paint Protection

Wax - will give your vehicle an enhanced shine and protection from the sun's harmful rays. Wax must be reapplied every 3 to 6 weeks in order to be affective.

Paint Sealant - is the longest form of protection you can buy for your vehicle's painted surface. Paint sealant is a synthetic polymer which actually bonds to your painted surface providing the very best protection and shine. Paint sealant should be re-applied every 3 to 6 months. 






  *We are bonded and insured, Trust your car with us!

 Extreme Clean Mobile Detailing & More
Phone: 501-517-3368

Servicing Central Arkansas!






















Window Tinting & Custom Graphics


We here at Extreme Clean use only the best equipment and most cutting edge  technology in all of our work. Why should window tint be any different? We utilize a huge 40" Graphtec plotter that digitally cuts your tint out automatically.

We utilize one of the largest vehicle databases in the industry with over 5000 different vehicles/patterns available. Our extensive database offers options depending on even the trim level of the vehicle. EX: Honda Civic LX, DX, EX, SI ETC. Our patterns feature options for with and without defrost lines as well as cut-outs for 3rd brake lights in most cases.

What does all this mean to you as our customer? We are one of the only shops in the Arkansas area that cares enough about our tint quality to make over a 10K investment in this equipment. Most shops use a razor blade and trace your glass or trim it out on the inside at times. Since our technology is advanced enough to cut the tint out for us, it means all of our lines will be precision cut, clean and smooth. It also means there is zero chance of vehicle damages such as scratches or cuts into your window gasket since a razor blade will never touch your windows!

Our window films are of the highest grade and feature brands such as LLUMAR films. Our tints come in all shades and finishes and even in fashionable colors. We always adhere to local laws on window tinting however we can do custom applications for show and off-road use vehicles. Our tint shades include, bronze, black, mirror (silver) in 5% 15% 20% 28% 35% & 50%. Our colored films come in blue, red, green and yellow for those finishing touches to your project car.


Since we use a plotter to cut our window film, we can also offer vehicle graphics both cut into your window tint as well as applications to dress up the exterior of your vehicle, including the most popular strip across your windshield in any font or wording you can possibly imagine. Just bring in your design and we'll make it happen.

Most of our films offer a lifetime warranty that's valid nationwide against fading, peeling and general defects in material or workmanship. With that in mind, we've NEVER had a customer have to use their warranty, this is because we do it right the first time and we use quality products. We want to make sure the next time you come back to us its for more toys not to fix mistakes!

As far as pricing goes we understand that in today's world everyone is on a budget and we do our best to accommodate every customers needs. We have many different films and options to chose from. You wont find a better value anywhere in Arkansas, we guarantee it! And most importantly, you'll get the best job possible if your leave your car in our professionals hands.

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