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Little Rock's & Arkansas' Finest Vehicle Reconditioning & Protection Specialists. Certified Master Coating Installer.

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Certified installers

At Extreme Clean Mobile Detail, we only use the best products and ceramic coatings from the most reputable suppliers such as GYEON and SystemX coatings. We believe that using high-quality detailing products is the key to providing our customers with the best possible results. We have spent years researching suppliers and testing products, and we only use those that we know will deliver exceptional results. In addition, we are constantly looking for new and innovative products that can help us to better serve our customers.


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Extreme Clean has taken detailing to a whole new level using only top-of the line equipment, tools, and products. We make sure every vehicle or vessel feels as good, if not better than it did when first bought!

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BY APPOINTMENT ONLYAddress: 7123 I-30 Suite 40, Little Rock, AR 72209
Phone: +1 501 517 3368
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Little Rock's Premier Ceramic Coating Installer

Extreme Clean Mobile Detailing takes immense pride in providing autom­otive ceramic coatings of unpara­lleled excel­lence. As certified by both GYEON and SystemX, the foremost leaders in profes­sional coatings, we guarantee a finish that goes beyond aesth­etics to ensure enduring quality. Our metic­ulous crafts­manship in profes­sional ceramic coating services offers up to a decade of unrivaled prote­ction and gloss, allowing your vehicle to maintain its pristine condition throu­ghout the years. Serving not only Little Rock but also the broader Arkansas commu­nity, our unmatched expertise is brought directly to you, setting the gold standard in autom­otive detai­ling. Witness the transfo­rmative power that comes from being serviced by industry-leading professi­onals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Vehicle Need Cleaned Out

Yes, we ask that your vehicle be free of any personal belongings, trash etc. Glove boxes and consoles are personal areas so if you want those areas cleaned, please remove all items and leave open so techs can clean.

Do You Offer Same Day Service

If you call or text is the only option but, in most cases, we are booked out several days in advance. We offer online booking but not same day online booking.

Do You Need Power or Water

No, we have our own water and power if needed to get the job done hassle free.

Where Are You Located?

We are located in Little Rock at 7123 I-30 Suite 40 and offer a fully mobile detailing service as well for the ultimate convenience. We service a 50-mile radius of Cabot, Arkansas.